We aim to treatment and healing of the fusion .

tiki made ​​of quilt

  Mind and body be healed , and can relax ,
  And , your pain is taken .

  Such treatment has been the ideal .

We can remove your muscle pain,strain,fatigue.

We can deal with eyestrain, headache and swelling.

  We examine the whole body , not just the affected part ,
  and carefully treatment .

We examine your mind and body holistically.

blue sky and palm tree

  Upset of the body involves also upset mind .
  Upset of the mind involves also upset body.
  So , to see the both of mind and body .
  We raise your natural healing power based on
  Western medicine and Oriental medicine,
  other various ways of thinking.

But , not only is it

  Carefully listening to the story , let's look for the cause together .
  And , we will so that it can be fundamentally resolved .

We , do you want to help to be healthy both physically and mentally .


  IF your physical condition become poor,
  please come to our clinic.
  We are waiting for your visit.